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Immune system – High susceptibility to infections and exhaustion

Patient felt already better after two sessions.

The 65-year-old patient suffered from a high susceptibility to infections with ever-recurring colds, coughing and a sore throat. She had to clear her throat continuously. Generally feeling unwell and mental overload.

Energetic dysregulation of the acid-base balance, the nutrient balance, the immune system, the respiratory tract, the digestive system and the detoxification system.

After two therapy sessions only, the patient was symptom free.

Submitted by Cordula Fornahl, naturopath, Bielefeld.


Please note that the information, advice and solutions provided by Rayonex originate from over 40 years of experience in the biomedicial field.

Furthermore, it is indicated that traditional orthodox medicinal practices do not accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations, even with existing clinical prospective, double-blind randomised, and placebo controlled studies.