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Musculoskeletal system – Chronic pain with polyarthritis and osteoporosis

After decades of pain a significant alleviation.

The 68 year-old patient had been suffering from polyarthritis with deformed joints for 45 years. Furthermore, osteoporosis and wound healing disturbance were added to this. The general condition was correspondingly poor.

Bioresonance analysis revealed energetic regulation disorders of the immune system, in particular in terms of immune defences against bacterial and viral microorganisms and energetic disturbances in cells of the musculoskeletal system.

After many years of complaints the patient felt much better. The laboratory values regarding the osteoporosis are again within normal range. The bone density measurement only showed abnormalities in the left hip. All other bones have recovered.

Reported by Beate Borkenfels, naturopath, Kamen.


Please note that the information, advice and solutions provided by Rayonex originate from over 40 years of experience in the biomedicial field.

Furthermore, it is indicated that traditional orthodox medicinal practices do not accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations, even with existing clinical prospective, double-blind randomised, and placebo controlled studies.