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Stomach – undefined abdominal discomfort and lump in the throat

Patient feels well again.

The 48 year-old patient had been suffering for years from undefined and continuous abdominal discomfort with inflammation and abdominal pain. Furthermore, she often felt a kind of pressure in the larynx area (“lump in the throat”). Pale, dry skin with dark circles under the eyes.

Energetic regulation disorders of the digestive tract, including the liver-gall-pancreas system, the immune system in terms of immune defences against bacterial, viral and parasitic microorganisms and the endocrine system.

The patient feels well again, the skin improved significantly. In laboratory testing CRP levels decreased considerably.

Reported by Kerstin Otto, Naturopath, Rangsdorf (Germany)


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Furthermore, it is indicated that traditional orthodox medicinal practices do not accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations, even with existing clinical prospective, double-blind randomised, and placebo controlled studies.