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Mini-Rayonex LC


Portable biofield former for your well-being.

  • Originally developed for use during the pandemic
  • Combines fundamental frequency values and RAH programs
  • Easy to use during the day and night

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Similar to how the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates the formation of vitamin D and melanin, Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt encompasses various other frequency spectra capable of triggering regulation in our organism. In accordance with the principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, the Mini-Rayonex LC integrates the known fundamental frequency value 12,50 of a standard Mini-Rayonex, the fundamental frequency value 10,00 as well as the ten most important RAH programs to LC (RAH 09.02; RAH 09.13; RAH 10.41; RAH 22.10; RAH 22.93; RAH 31.10; RAH 31.89; RAH 31.50; RAH 54.00; RAH 32.21). As a portable device, the Mini-Rayonex LC contains both a combination of fundamental frequency values and RAH programs.


Please lay the Mini-Rayonex LC flat, with the label facing upwards, close to your body – preferably at night when you are sleeping.┬áThe Mini-Rayonex LC should be no more than 2 metres away from your body.

Weight 0.234 kg
Dimensions 27.8 × 11 × 3 cm


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Please note that the information, advice and solutions provided by Rayonex originate from over 40 years of experience in the biomedicial field.

Furthermore, it is indicated that traditional orthodox medicinal practices do not accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations, even with existing clinical prospective, double-blind randomised, and placebo controlled studies.