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Rayocomp PS10 Complete Premium


Portable bioresonance device, with all available software modules.

  • High-quality, complete version of the Rayocomp PS 10 for use in the human and veterinary sectors
  • Complete software package: M1 - M12
  • Samsonite® Aluminium Trolley included in the delivery
  • Huge savings!

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The Rayocomp PS10 Complete Premium is our high-quality all-in-one version of the Rayocomp PS 10 mobile bioresonance device.

This fully equipped model provides the full range of software for both human and veterinary applications.

These 11 software modules provide all the testing and harmonisation capabilities associated with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt (BaPS) and the Rayonex Analysis and Harmonisation system (RAH).

Not only can you improve your own well-being, but you can also help your pet by providing tailored therapy. This can be done in the comfort of your own home or at any location of your choice.

The Rayocomp PS10 Complete Premium is supplied with a Samsonite® Aluminium Trolley. This provides your high-quality device mobility while also protecting it from the elements.

The Rayocomp PS10 Complete Premium is the all-in-one solution for the application of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt in human and veterinary medicine, as the following summary of the modules shows:

  • Module M1 Setting accuracy of FFVs (0.05) can be used to increase the standard accuracy of the fundamental frequency values from 0.25 to 0.05.
  • Module M2 Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt gives you access to 54 harmonisation programs. This module also allows you to use acupuncture oscillation therapy, along with the 14 meridian programs, special programs and test programs.
  • Module M4 Programs according to Dr Elmar Ulrich contains 22 harmonisation programs and the fundamental frequency values compiled by Dr Elmar Ulrich.
  • Module M5 RAH Global Test Human contains 21 superordinate RAH test programs with 698 RAH programs in the range from RAH 11.00 to RAH 18.99. These programs allow for the energetic testing of intolerable and harmful substances.
  • Module M6 RAH Global Test VET contains eleven superordinate RAH test programs for the veterinary sector with 97 RAH programs ranging from RAH 19.00 to RAH 19.99 and enables the testing of feed intolerances and harmful substances.
  • Module M7 Building biology provides 226 RAH programs for analysing stress in the areas of electrosmog, geopathy, pollutants or pathogens.
  • Module M8 RAH Compact Programs is perfect for beginners with 166 Compact Programs for the human and veterinary sector.
  • The module M9 RAH Human for harmonisation provides access to over 1,800 RAH programs for harmonisation in humans.
  • The module M10 RAH Human for analysis and harmonisation includes over 1,800 RAH programs for energetic testing and harmonisation. Energetic deficits can be identified using test protocols for specific illnesses and consequently using holistic, proven combinations of RAH programs. The test protocols will guide you through the RAH to ensure that testing aligns appropriately with the medical history. You can save the test results on a Green-Card and use them for harmonisations.
  • The module M11 RAH VET for analysis and harmonisation enables quick, direct access to energetic testing and harmonisation thanks to the special compilation of the programs. Both physiology and pathology programs - tailored to horses, dogs and cats - are integrated.
  • The module M12 RAH C-Module also includes the development platform within the RAH relating to frequency spectra of cell degeneration. The aim of this module is to use BaPS and the RAH to investigate the relationships, risks and causes of cell degeneration and to provide new insights. The module can be used for testing and harmonisation as well as for preventive measures. The use of the module M12 is subject to a contractual code of use.
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Rayocomp PS 10


Human Medicine


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Furthermore, it is indicated that traditional orthodox medicinal practices do not accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations, even with existing clinical prospective, double-blind randomised, and placebo controlled studies.