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Portable biofield former with 5 RAH programs.

  • The perfect companion for everyday life, work, school and travel!
  • Supports your organism with the transfer value 10,00 and the RAH programs 04.00; 20.00; 22.00; 24.00 and 26.00
  • Our smallest biofield former - fits into the pocket or in any handbag!
  • Can be combined with the Necklace to be worn around the neck
  • Packaging is made of biodegradable bioplastic (polylactide)

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It wasn't long ago that the pandemic had the world firmly in its grip. It was around this time that we began to consider which fundamental frequency values and which RAH programs would be most beneficial for humans and animals. Extensive testing led to the introduction of the Rayo®-Guard, which continues to be popular even after the pandemic.

The Rayo®-Guard uses the fundamental frequency value 10,00 as the transfer value for transferring the following five energetic RAH programs to the organism:

RAH 04.00 Electrosmog

RAH 20.00 Bacteria

RAH 22.00 Viruses

RAH 24.00 Parasites

RAH 26.00 Fungi

With its convenient size, the Rayo®-Guard makes for an ideal everyday companion—whether at work, school, or during travel. With a diameter of just 6 cm and a weight of 53 g, the biofield former fits in almost any trouser pocket or handbag. With the optional, specially designed necklace (art. no. 20356), the Rayo®-Guard can also be worn around the neck as a pendant. We therefore offer the Rayo®-Guard and necklace as a combined set (art. no. 20357).


The closer and longer the Rayo®-Guard is worn on the body, the better. Ideally, you should carry the Rayo®-Guard in your trouser pocket, in your handbag or with the specially designed necklace as a pendant around your neck. The writing on the Rayo®-Guard should always face outwards. This gives the body the opportunity to be stimulated with the RAH programs for as long as possible.

Weight 0.078 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 cm

Rayo®-Guard, Necklace for Rayo®-Guard, Rayo®-Guard with Necklace

1 review for Rayo®-Guard

  1. Andrew Fell (verified owner)

    I have been wearing my Rayo-Guard for two months and have been so pleased that I have recently purchased a second one for my wife. Benefits include a marked reduction in Atrial Fibrillation, which I have been affected by for over ten years. My stamina, ease of breathing and general well-being have markedly improved.

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Please note that the information, advice and solutions provided by Rayonex originate from over 40 years of experience in the Biomedical field.

Furthermore, it is indicated that traditional orthodox medicinal practices do not accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations, even with existing clinical prospective, double-blind randomised, and placebo controlled studies.